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 Located on Cape Cod's historic Route 6A in the heart of Sandwich village, Heart of Stone has become a favorite of locals and visitors alike. Angela Feltman and the entire staff invite you to stop by the store or enter this site for a virtual visit today.  

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Our Lava Lore diffuser bracelets have quickly become a best-seller! The Lava Lore bracelets act as diffusers for essential oil, as they sit on the pressure point of your wrist, they release the aromatherapy benefits of the oils all day long. Our bracelets are offered in a variety of one-of-a-kind gemstone beads or seaglass beads and feature either black or white lava stones. Each bracelet comes with a card describing the properties of each stone.

How do I scent Lava Stones with Essential Oils?

Beautiful lava stones are basalt, created in volcanic eruptions. They are porous, and will absorb essential oils for the benefits of aromatherapy. Put a tiny drop of pure 100% therapeutic oil on one or two beads, being extra careful to keep it away from the metal or the gemstones. Rub the oil into the beads with your fingers and then wipe your hands. 


Bracelets are handmade in Sandwich, MA. Stones include:

Amethyst (Purple): Spirituality, Tranquility, Compassion

Aquamarine: Confidence, Empathy, Wisdom

Adventurine (Lt Green): Motivation, Prosperity, Healing

Azurite (Blue & Green): Memory, Flexbility, and Renewal

Black Onyx (Black): Determination, Instinct, Memory

Blue Goldstone (Navy w/ Sparkle): Optimism, Confidence, Initiative 

Blue Lace Agate (Lt. Periwinkle): Grace, Inspiration, Spirituality 

Carnelian (Red): Inspiration, Creativity, Compassion

Diamond: Clarity, Abundance, Hope

Garnet (Dark Red): Optimism, Passion, Power

 Hematite (Pewter): Intensity, Optimist, Valor

Howlite (White w/ Black): 

Lapis Lazuli (Dark Blue): Communication, Wisdom, Insight

Malachite (Green): Transformation, Fidelity, Protection

Mother of Pearl: Faith, Sincerity, Loyalty

Pearl: Innocence, Integrity, Transformation

Rose Quartz: Love, Healing, Beauty

Sea Glass: (Available in Pink, Cobalt, Green, Aqua, Seafoam, Opal, Lt Sapphire) Renewal, Transformation, Tenacity 

Snowflake Obsidian (Black & Gray):

Sodalite (Blue w/ white): Friendship, Logic, Truth

Tigers Eye Agate (Brown): Steadiness, Clarity, Beauty 

Lava Lore Bracelets

Lava Stone
  • How do I care for my Lava Stone jewelry?

    Remember this for ALL jewelry; it goes on last and comes off first. Only apply the essential oil to one or two beads and make sure it is absorbed before you put it on. DO NOT wear in the shower, to bed, swimming, etc. Keep away from other chemicals like perfumes, hairsprays, lotions, etc. Store in a dry environment. 


    Will the oil stain my clothes?

    We recommend using 100% Therapeutic Grade essential oils and to be very careful to be sure it is absorbed before you wear your jewelry. You can test it with a tissue. We are not responsible for the type of oil you use or how you use it. Keep the metal and stones free of oil; it will degrade the metal and pit some of the stones. 


    Whether or not you chose to scent yoour stones, give your beads a little care and consideration and you will enjoy them for a long time.