Forget about all the wannabe claims about "original" - we've been making all kinds of variations of this bracelet and selling them at craft shows since the early 90's. Always classic, mixed metals are now a universal Cape Cod  signature style, and these bracelets emphasize style, comfort and function. 


These are handcrafted here in Sandwich in Sterling Silver and 14kt gold-filled beads, which are gold beads filled with brass, so they will not crush or dent. Available in small, medium, large and extra large.


Great for people who hate wearing their jewelry to bed or into the shower, very practical at the airport for their easy on and off, wonderful for young women playing sports who have to remove all their jewelry but still want their Cape Cod style, and perfectly comfortable - like the Cape Cod Colors, these are flexible and soft

Cape Cod Classic Soft Bangle Bracelet