Frequently asked questions

Why is the store not open?

We are so excited to be taking over Heart of Stone and would have loved nothing more than to pick up right where Angela left off in March. Unfortunately for us, the timing couldn’t have been worse for a pandemic to shut everything down. Not only did the coronavirus close businesses, but for us it also meant we were now needed at home to assume roles as teachers. In addition, all the tools and services needed for getting a business up and running were not available. So we had to make the difficult decision to delay the opening of the store until the summer. While we understand this is not ideal for anyone (believe us, we couldn’t be more disappointed), we believe it is the smartest decision in the long run in order to have a successful business for many years to come. Thank you to all the Heart of Stone customers for being patient. We’re asking if you can graciously continue that patience for just a little longer as we do our best to get the store open as soon as possible.

Are we accepting old gift cards?

Unfortunalty, we can not accept any previously sold gift cards at this time.

What is happening with the rewards program?

We love the rewards program! Don't worry, we have all your cards and will continue with the program!

What if I can't find what I want in the online shop?

We love your suggestions! Currently we are working to get all our jewelry in the shop. We will be adding new items soon, but if you are looking for something specific, please contact us.

Are you still going to have those sidewalk sales we love?

YES! Good news, while we prepare for the store to open, we will be working on getting new inventory in and getting rid of older item! This means sales for you! We plan to have a few sidewalk sales this summer, check our facebook or instagram page for the latest news.

Where did Angela go?

She is enjoying her well deserved retirement! and in her own words... A letter from Angela.. Diva's! Miss me? I hope you have all survived the lock down in the stylishly fabulous manner which we all deserve -- and that you and your loved ones are healthy and safe. It's been quite the spring, but now that our houses are all Marie Kondo organized and effortlessly Joanna Gaines festooned, our yards are Martha Stewart inspired landscaped, and we've become gourmet chefs while maintaining Jillian Michael worthy abs...(Right. On what planet) I have some wonderful news for you... In my last newsletter, I bid adieu on behalf of Heart fo Stone, simply intending to put my life work at rest. But, the heart (no pun intended -- well, maybe). HEART OF STONE LIVES ON, DIVAS! Beginning now, Heart of Stone is the new, re-imagined for the 21st Century undertaking of a new generation. Let me introduce you to Jamielyn Mosca and Carisa Phillips, the new owners of Heart of Stone. Jamie and Carisa, both young mothers with retail backgrounds (Jamie even worked at Heart of Stone!) are bursting full of enthusiasm and new, fresh ideas. And not a small amount of courage! I have no doubt they will blend the best of the old Heart fo Stone with their own energy, passion and vision, and continue to serve you and the community for many years to come. I know you will support them with the enthusiasm, loyalty and affection you always brought to me...they're going to be great! Angela


Address: 130 Rt. 6A

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Phone: 508 833 8500

Email: heartofstonecc@gmail.com


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